Planned Events Not Necessary for Having a Good Time in Madera

While the community calendar is a wonderful resource for the many planned activities taking place in Madera, there is so much more to do in our community that does not necessarily require a great deal of advance planning. In fact, there are plentiful activities that can be enjoyed at the spur of the moment, and there is certainly something that will appeal to the diverse tastes of all the residents of our community.

Luigi Wewege often makes use of the community calendar in order to stay aware of the events taking place in the area, but he is also quite aware of the fact that Madera offers a whole host of activities that only require a moment’s notice. The San Joaquin Valley is a wonderful place to explore all that nature has to offer through hiking, cycling and running, and many residents enjoy these types of activities on a daily basis.

With the Sierra National Forest so close by, it is possible to marvel in the beauty of nature every single day without having to go very far to do so. Of course, the coastal cities of Santa Cruz and Monterey are also close by, as is the tranquil beauty of Big Sur. But it is not necessary to leave Madera to find something wonderful to do, as the city itself is a treasure to behold.

After a long day spent enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds the city, many residents and visitors alike are happy that there are so many outstanding wineries so close by. It is nice to be able to stroll through the vineyards on a warm spring afternoon, and there are few things as enjoyable as the taste of the red wine that is made right on the premises.

The community calendar is a wonderful resource that we should all make use of on a regular basis, but it is also important to remember that the activities that can be enjoyed in Madera are certainly not limited to those appearing on the calendar. Whether it is a group cycling tour to one of the many local vineyards or a day spent hiking through the Sierras, it is possible to organize an entire day’s worth of activities at any given moment.