A Few Events Going Down In Tampa, FL

As with ever major city, the fun city of Tampa, FL has it’s community calendar of special events organized on their own well designed website. However, one of the sales that didn’t quite make it up on that event board was the buy one get one free offers on Amphipods and Copepods and many more from Reefs2Go as you can read about here¬†http://finance.yahoo.com/news/reefs2go-stocking-live-fish-food-201051308.html.¬†

This offer is huge and amazing news to those who collect, keep, raise and breed fish in their own aquariums at home or even in large public aquariums.

The next upcoming event on the calendar for Tampa’s events is the musical, “Menopause” which is expected to leave you laughing so hard and holding your sides in this stomach-cramping hilarity! Don’t miss it!


Thomas Jenkins