When Is The Right Time To Apply For Scholarships?

If you just graduated from high school or you are about to, you probably are pondering what you will do to raise the required tuition fees for college. Your parents might be willing to support you fully but due to one or several problems, they might be facing difficulties and the only way you can join college is if you found an alternative sources of financing. One of the best options you could embrace is applying for scholarships through institutions such as Groza Learning Center, which give you links to scholarships that can benefit you. If you are wondering when it is the perfect time to apply for scholarships, here is a guide that should help you to raise your chances of getting an approval.

After January

The government offers the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which should allow you to finance your college education. If you want to raise your chances of getting approved for this scholarship, you should send your application after 1st January. The reason this is so is because you must prove your financial need by backing your claim on the income tax you filed in the year that just ended. You should move fast and make sure you complete your application before February. Note that some states have earlier deadlines, so you need to keep in touch with yours to learn about what they propose.

Observe the scholarship’s deadline

Scholarships are given against a deadline, which all applicants must honor. Sending your application within the time stated increases your chances of getting picked, and if you want to further raise these chances you can submit your application immediately applications are opened. If you would like to apply several scholarships, you could easily sort them based on their deadlines. It makes your work easier and you also make sure you pick scholarships that matter to you.

Before graduating high school

It is also a perfect idea to begin sending your applications for scholarships before graduating from high school. During this period, you will get several types of applications, some from the government, others from colleges that would like to admit you, as well as scholarships from non-profit organizations. It is up to you to choose between these options by weighing the amount each offers versus what you are looking to save. You need to apply the scholarships by the deadline given and make sure you submit a strong and relevant pitch that will easily convince them to pick you.

Every fall semester and spring

You will come across many scholarships each year, which means you can apply for one after joining college. These scholarships are suitable for students who are struggling with financials and looking to supplement what they have. They come with varying deadlines and are a good way to access the support you need to pursue your course. The more applications you send, the more you raise your chances of winning one, so you should commit yourself to sending many applications through Groza Learning Center during spring and fall semester.


Inject Life into Your Brands to Guarantee Long-Term Growth through Branding

Brand building is not just for the big players and conglomerates. It is about taking what is in your inventory to people’s households. Strong brands create lasting identities among consumers. This means that more people have your brand in their minds and are ready to buy your stuff. They will instantaneously think about your brand when they consider a specific product or service.

Marketing and advertising include actual ad placement on mainstream media; corporate and brand identity including below-the-line visibility; digital and social media marketing. Building a brand creates customer loyalty, which guarantees return business and enables the company to make growth projections. Branding is an excellent way to grow your business regardless of the size. Big companies are known to leverage their infrastructure, technology, and presence to accelerate the uptake of their brands.

Building a brand is not a complicated process. The first step is pushing it up on your priority list. Most businesses make the common mistake of pushing their branding and marketing budgets to the bottom of the list. This is one of the reasons brand uptakes from small businesses struggles.

Consistency in product quality and service delivery by the brand is key. Make sure your production, packaging, distribution, and marketing sections all carry one harmonized message. When potential customers get the same message over and over, they remember it and associate it with your brand. Create strong brand identities comprising of consistent elements such as color scheme, logo, graphics, and the narratives. In addition, have a strong mission and value statement to help you stay on course and avoid the costly habit of frequent rebranding.

Nancy Behrman, a leading lifestyle brand activist, entrepreneur and founder of Behrman Communications, is vocal about the need to be both clear and definitive in your efforts to grow your brand. She has achieved tremendous success taking ideas that look small and building them into multi-million dollar global names. Branding needs to be factored into the overall marketing plan so that it is executed right from the start. Employ a consistent and sustainable strategy to ensure a cohesive branding campaign.

It is also crucial to identify the markets the brand is targeting early. This enables you to research and reach out to other popular establishments, brands or personalities who have a bigger presence. Traditional business networking can help catapult your brand to success. People love to identify with the famous and successful. Presenting known personalities as brand ambassadors can help accelerate brand loyalty and build trust with consumers.

Leverage the power of technology and online platforms to grow your brand. Create an amazing online presence and take advantage of social media, digital video platforms, and mobile apps to help grow your brand. Aim to create discerning brand ambassadors who can inject life into your brand without waiting for your intervention.

An ingenious social media campaign can rapidly elevate your brand to a global level. However, to avoid shooting yourself in the foot, consider engaging a professional public relations service such as Berman Communications. The service will help you navigate through the various dynamic elements of social media marketing enabling you to maximize on known trends while staying clear of avoidable pitfalls.


Sound Mission Statements Help Donor Organizations Stay on Course

Philanthropy is mutually beneficial to both the giver and the receiver. There are direct gains that improve the quality of life to both parties. People have a visceral need to connect and communicate with others. This creates the foundation for a thriving community. It involves minding about the well-being and growth of other people around you including neighbors, the local community, and causes important to you. Giving triggers your brain’s reward-pleasure system enabling you to realize happiness.


This premise explains why donor organizations go to great lengths to identify causes that are close to their hearts and by extension, closer to their ideal communities. The Denver Post has a great post on how philanthropy positively impacts the givers. Let us look at some of these benefits.


  • Donors have a general feeling of happiness and joy derived from their actions. As pointed out above, the brain responds to giving by producing “happiness-chemicals” into the body that reward us with joy. Additionally, investing in the growth and happiness of others directly improves our sense of prosperity.
  • Philanthropy works to improve the health and quality of life of both donors and receivers. Donors experience lower stress levels, an enhanced level of emotional maturity, and health. This consequently leads to better physical health and quality of life.
  • Givers are able to find meaning in their lives through philanthropy. They enjoy an increased sense of purpose. Additionally, starting a culture of giving early sets the stage for a longer, happier, and healthier life later on.
  • Deeper and stronger connections with people that share your beliefs create stronger communities. Donors care deeply concerned about the causes they support. Receivers are able to realize their life goals, improve their quality of life and end up feeling better towards their givers.

In a recent interview, River Cohen stated that it is vital for donor organizations to create a considerate mission statement. Cohen is a renowned financial technology expert who has dedicated his life to giving through RiverCohen Giving. He suggests there are three elements that should clearly illustrate the aims and values of the donor.


  • Identify a core philosophy including mutual beliefs, shared goals, and individual principles. This should be bold enough to serve as the pillars of the framework for giving.
  • It is prudent to consult widely to ensure the principles and frameworks created are flexible and robust enough to support the organization into the future. This ensures the donor organization stays on its intended course. It is also important to factor in the dynamic nature of deserving causes in relation to the fundamental beliefs of the founder.
  • Refine the mission statement to focus on activities that empower the organization to achieve the intended goal. Avoid over-reaching or getting derailed by issues that are not on the organization’s scope of operations

Serving others brings you joy and happiness. It enables stronger relationships between the donor and the receiver. Articulating clear mission statements helps the donor organization stay true to its cause and achieve the goals set out by the founders.


Summer in Madera Represents Ideal Time for Art Exploration and Community Events

BoldLeads Summer MaderaThere’s something about those long summer days that makes any art event seem even more enjoyable, and perhaps this is at least part of the reason why the Madera community calendar includes so many art-related events throughout the upcoming summer months. It’s not just the Madera community calendar that features these kinds of events throughout the summer, as many of the areas close to Madera have a number of art events scheduled. There is even an outdoor sculpture walk scheduled to take place at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael.

As a number of real estate agents using BoldLeads have noticed, the spring and summer months tend to include a general increase in interest in properties from the clients that have been recently added to their pipeline of leads. While agents find that BoldLeads provides a consistent source of leads throughout each and every season, it’s often the case that a noticeable uptick occurs when the weather warms and the days lengthen each year.

It’s not just the real estate market or the events appearing on the community calendar that experience an increase in activity, as economists have long pressed the federal government to develop better statistical tools to account for the patterns that have been observed regarding the seasonal changes influencing consumer behavior. Obviously, those responsible for developing the Madera community calendar have done an excellent job accounting for this spike in activity by packing the calendar with plenty of enjoyable events ideal for summertime.


John Ross Jesensky: Madera Community Calendar an Ideal Template for Other Counties

calendar-1255952_960_720In communities across the country, a concerted effort is often made to ensure all members of the community have access to a great deal of diverse recreational opportunities. According to John Ross Jesensky, there is quite a bit that other counties can learn from the manner in which Madera organizes its community calendar, particularly the clear focus placed on bringing community members together as often as possible.

Jesensky believes that the community calendar is at least partially responsible for the clear sense of fellowship that pervades the entire county, particularly since just about every member of the community can cite a shared experience with another community member. For community leaders seeking a strategy to establish a greater sense of fellowship in their county, the Madera community calendar appears to be an ideal template with which to begin.


Randi Glazer Discusses the Value of Diverse Events Commonly Held in Madera

Community events are critical to ensuring a strong and long-lasting bond among friends and neighbors, and Randi Glazer has a great deal of experience in evaluating the true extent of the positive impact generated through frequent community events. For the purpose of offering an ideal example of how to properly organize events for all members of a community, Glazer cited Madera and the surrounding area as an excellent model for any other community to follow.

One of the most important factors discussed by Glazer relates to the value of hosting diverse events capable of appealing to all community members and offering the greatest opportunity to unite community members through an enjoyable and shared experience. In Madera, a single week of the community events calendar is likely to include a wide range of events that hold an obvious appeal to community members of all ages and backgrounds, no matter how unique or idiosyncratic their personal interests happen to be.

Glazer pointed out that over the course of just one week it was possible for a resident of the Madera area to choose to see a live performance of a concert pianist or to learn about and interact with a wide range of interesting animals by attending a zoo academy session. In that same week, residents had the opportunity to visit a local winery for a painting seminar or to attend a screening of a 1952 film starring John Wayne. With such diverse events likely to appeal to the whole of the community, Glazer believes that Madera’s strong sense of unity and kinship is likely to last for many years to come.


Music and Fun Always Expected at Annual Madera District Fair

With another successful fair in the books, many of those who attended the 2015 version of the event have already marked their calendars in anticipation of the 2016 Madera District Fair. Those who attended the most recent fair were treated to live music from Cheap Trick and Marshall Tucker, not to mention all of the other entertaining aspects attendees have come to expect year after year.

Since the next event is still some months away, there are surely many people looking at all of the blank spaces on their calendar leading up to the fair and wondering how they will pass the time. Through the assistance of experts like Randi Glazer and Arturo Alvarez Demalde, there is plenty of fun to be had in the months before the 2016 fair finally arrives.

“There are plenty of ways to make up your own fun, and it is often the games we invent ourselves that prove to be the most enjoyable,” says Demalde. “This is true for parents with young children and for groups of friends looking for an activity for a weekday evening. These made-up games can be absurd and spontaneous, making for an exciting time in which participants can be as creative as they like.”

Glazer also noted that made-up games create a shared experience that bonds the participants together in the same way that the fair does each year. The other benefit is the fact that everyone feels a sense of ownership over the game since they contributed to its creation, which in turn makes playing the game in the future even more fun. When the game spreads outside of the original group, new participants are able to share in the wholly unique experience and can even make contributions of their own.


David Kravitz Snapchat Uses Phone Calendar Features

Facebook and Google+ are applications on your smart phone that are able to input calendar information straight from the app itself and apparently now Snapchat is getting some calendar love. Through the new Discover feature, the Snapchat team announces with big events are happening in your city. Since the app naturally uses your device’s location, Snapchat does the rest.

Let’s say for example, there is a band that is being shown in the spotlight of the Discover section of Snapchat. The application will create a calendar entry if you give it that permission to do so and if the band is nearby within 50 miles. There are countless of new apps available that sync your calendars together easily with no effort on your part. The picture and video messaging tool has grown since it’s initial release in 2011 and with the ability to use the calendar, perhaps this is a feature that will bring people together.

Information on David Kravitz Snapchat gives a hint that the new calendar usage feature will be up and live to the public in February of 2016. Hurry Snapchat, some of us just can’t wait that long! Rumor also has it that the snap company is going to be issuing out a version of their app especially for Apple Watch. Of course, with the lack of a camera you will not be able to use the device to take pictures or video, but you can use it to see received pictures and video as well as check discover and add events to your calendar if you so wish to.