Why Every College Student Should Go to Kalu Yala At Least Once

College is one of the major experiences that shape you as a person. Being a college student gives you priceless moments with teachers, friends and other people you meet along the way. Each day is not only a lesson for your mind, but also for your heart–surviving college teaches you resilience, responsibility, and creativity.

Making Your Immersion Interesting

Most college students undergo something called “immersion training” or internship. This is one of the most colorful moments as college students because they get to experience real-life situations with mentorship that can help them prepare for their future occupational paths. Some internships can be plain, and others are prestige, but the bottom line is you find an internship site that can help you maximize your learnings.

Kalu Yala: An Ideal Place for Immersion

Imagine a place that’s free from the noise of the city, yet has its own community of locals and professionals to keep you learning. Imagine a place where you can discover new concepts about sustainability, ecology, business and community development. This is what Kalu Yala is all about. Kalu Yala is the first of its kind–a self-sustaining village at the heart of Tres Brazos Valley in Panama. Joseph Stice, the founder of the village believes that Kalu Yala can pioneer the growth of communities that are eco-friendly, sustainable and modern all at the same time.

Is Kalu Yala Bad?

Due to some malicious information spread on the internet, some people may ask, “Is Kalu Yala bad?”. It is important to find out the truth about Kalu Yala from the first-hand experiences. There are a lot of interns who have been to the village and they can testify for the great experiences and learnings during their stay. In this post, we will uncover more truth about Kalu Yala and why every student should at least visit the village once.

Why Every College Student Should Go to Kalu Yala At Least Once

1. Discovering new systems in community development

Since Kalu Yala is the first of its kind, many students flock to the village to know more about creative ways on how to develop a sustainable community. Some students have discovered how to create an effective watershed that collects rainwater to water crops for agriculture. This is a very good way to save water and reduce problems in the irrigation system. Additionally, students are also learning how houses are created using local materials and finding renewable energy sources that spark their creativity.

2. Increasing awareness of environmental-friendly living

As one learns about creating sustainable means to develop a community, one can also apply this in his or her individual habits. Many students reported being more conscious of reducing waste in their homes and have done ways to have an environmental-friendly life. These include measures such as reducing plastic use, conserving water and electricity, as well as using less disposable packages at home. These small changes have helped Kalu Yala’s interns become more environmentally responsible individuals in their own communities.

3. Sharing expertise with locals

Whether you are an aspiring architect, teacher, doctor or engineer, you have a place in Kalu Yala. You will get to have an opportunity to interact with the locals and share your expertise with them. You can teach the children, design an efficient and low-cost housing using native supplies, provide medical treatment and routine checkups for the people and fellow interns, and organize systems for community development. It is a rewarding experience that will allow you to grow as a professional in your own field.

4. Gateway to exploring other sights in Central America

Kalu Yala is also a gateway to exploring the rest of Panama, as well as Central America. Even if the village is considered remote, it is interesting to note that the village is actually 30-45 minutes away from the main city and the airport, depending on the weather and traffic conditions. You can explore other natural and man-made landmarks along Panama City and beyond such as the Panama Viejos, Museums, local parks and the all-famous Panama Canal. If you are done exploring the city, you can go for a beach trip with your fellow interns as a pre-graduation celebration.

5. Opening one’s mind to other cultures

They say that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Why don’t you give yourself the gift of traveling while learning at the same time? Going to Kalu Yala is an experience you won’t forget. It will open your mind to other people’s cultures and help you appreciate another side of the world that you’ve never seen before. Enjoy the landscape, the warm Panama culture, as well as the life lessons you will pick up along the way.

For more information on how you can set up your trip, visit http://kaluyala.com.


When Is The Right Time To Apply For Scholarships?

If you just graduated from high school or you are about to, you probably are pondering what you will do to raise the required tuition fees for college. Your parents might be willing to support you fully but due to one or several problems, they might be facing difficulties and the only way you can join college is if you found an alternative sources of financing. One of the best options you could embrace is applying for scholarships through institutions such as Groza Learning Center, which give you links to scholarships that can benefit you. If you are wondering when it is the perfect time to apply for scholarships, here is a guide that should help you to raise your chances of getting an approval.

After January

The government offers the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which should allow you to finance your college education. If you want to raise your chances of getting approved for this scholarship, you should send your application after 1st January. The reason this is so is because you must prove your financial need by backing your claim on the income tax you filed in the year that just ended. You should move fast and make sure you complete your application before February. Note that some states have earlier deadlines, so you need to keep in touch with yours to learn about what they propose.

Observe the scholarship’s deadline

Scholarships are given against a deadline, which all applicants must honor. Sending your application within the time stated increases your chances of getting picked, and if you want to further raise these chances you can submit your application immediately applications are opened. If you would like to apply several scholarships, you could easily sort them based on their deadlines. It makes your work easier and you also make sure you pick scholarships that matter to you.

Before graduating high school

It is also a perfect idea to begin sending your applications for scholarships before graduating from high school. During this period, you will get several types of applications, some from the government, others from colleges that would like to admit you, as well as scholarships from non-profit organizations. It is up to you to choose between these options by weighing the amount each offers versus what you are looking to save. You need to apply the scholarships by the deadline given and make sure you submit a strong and relevant pitch that will easily convince them to pick you.

Every fall semester and spring

You will come across many scholarships each year, which means you can apply for one after joining college. These scholarships are suitable for students who are struggling with financials and looking to supplement what they have. They come with varying deadlines and are a good way to access the support you need to pursue your course. The more applications you send, the more you raise your chances of winning one, so you should commit yourself to sending many applications through Groza Learning Center during spring and fall semester.