Sound Mission Statements Help Donor Organizations Stay on Course

Philanthropy is mutually beneficial to both the giver and the receiver. There are direct gains that improve the quality of life to both parties. People have a visceral need to connect and communicate with others. This creates the foundation for a thriving community. It involves minding about the well-being and growth of other people around you including neighbors, the local community, and causes important to you. Giving triggers your brain’s reward-pleasure system enabling you to realize happiness.


This premise explains why donor organizations go to great lengths to identify causes that are close to their hearts and by extension, closer to their ideal communities. The Denver Post has a great post on how philanthropy positively impacts the givers. Let us look at some of these benefits.


  • Donors have a general feeling of happiness and joy derived from their actions. As pointed out above, the brain responds to giving by producing “happiness-chemicals” into the body that reward us with joy. Additionally, investing in the growth and happiness of others directly improves our sense of prosperity.
  • Philanthropy works to improve the health and quality of life of both donors and receivers. Donors experience lower stress levels, an enhanced level of emotional maturity, and health. This consequently leads to better physical health and quality of life.
  • Givers are able to find meaning in their lives through philanthropy. They enjoy an increased sense of purpose. Additionally, starting a culture of giving early sets the stage for a longer, happier, and healthier life later on.
  • Deeper and stronger connections with people that share your beliefs create stronger communities. Donors care deeply concerned about the causes they support. Receivers are able to realize their life goals, improve their quality of life and end up feeling better towards their givers.

In a recent interview, River Cohen stated that it is vital for donor organizations to create a considerate mission statement. Cohen is a renowned financial technology expert who has dedicated his life to giving through RiverCohen Giving. He suggests there are three elements that should clearly illustrate the aims and values of the donor.


  • Identify a core philosophy including mutual beliefs, shared goals, and individual principles. This should be bold enough to serve as the pillars of the framework for giving.
  • It is prudent to consult widely to ensure the principles and frameworks created are flexible and robust enough to support the organization into the future. This ensures the donor organization stays on its intended course. It is also important to factor in the dynamic nature of deserving causes in relation to the fundamental beliefs of the founder.
  • Refine the mission statement to focus on activities that empower the organization to achieve the intended goal. Avoid over-reaching or getting derailed by issues that are not on the organization’s scope of operations

Serving others brings you joy and happiness. It enables stronger relationships between the donor and the receiver. Articulating clear mission statements helps the donor organization stay true to its cause and achieve the goals set out by the founders.


Randi Glazer Discusses the Value of Diverse Events Commonly Held in Madera

Community events are critical to ensuring a strong and long-lasting bond among friends and neighbors, and Randi Glazer has a great deal of experience in evaluating the true extent of the positive impact generated through frequent community events. For the purpose of offering an ideal example of how to properly organize events for all members of a community, Glazer cited Madera and the surrounding area as an excellent model for any other community to follow.

One of the most important factors discussed by Glazer relates to the value of hosting diverse events capable of appealing to all community members and offering the greatest opportunity to unite community members through an enjoyable and shared experience. In Madera, a single week of the community events calendar is likely to include a wide range of events that hold an obvious appeal to community members of all ages and backgrounds, no matter how unique or idiosyncratic their personal interests happen to be.

Glazer pointed out that over the course of just one week it was possible for a resident of the Madera area to choose to see a live performance of a concert pianist or to learn about and interact with a wide range of interesting animals by attending a zoo academy session. In that same week, residents had the opportunity to visit a local winery for a painting seminar or to attend a screening of a 1952 film starring John Wayne. With such diverse events likely to appeal to the whole of the community, Glazer believes that Madera’s strong sense of unity and kinship is likely to last for many years to come.


David Kravitz Snapchat Uses Phone Calendar Features

Facebook and Google+ are applications on your smart phone that are able to input calendar information straight from the app itself and apparently now Snapchat is getting some calendar love. Through the new Discover feature, the Snapchat team announces with big events are happening in your city. Since the app naturally uses your device’s location, Snapchat does the rest.

Let’s say for example, there is a band that is being shown in the spotlight of the Discover section of Snapchat. The application will create a calendar entry if you give it that permission to do so and if the band is nearby within 50 miles. There are countless of new apps available that sync your calendars together easily with no effort on your part. The picture and video messaging tool has grown since it’s initial release in 2011 and with the ability to use the calendar, perhaps this is a feature that will bring people together.

Information on David Kravitz Snapchat gives a hint that the new calendar usage feature will be up and live to the public in February of 2016. Hurry Snapchat, some of us just can’t wait that long! Rumor also has it that the snap company is going to be issuing out a version of their app especially for Apple Watch. Of course, with the lack of a camera you will not be able to use the device to take pictures or video, but you can use it to see received pictures and video as well as check discover and add events to your calendar if you so wish to.


Calendar Fail

We all have our calendars but some are just not good.  On the old smart phones the calendar didn’t do much more than give you a place to post events. untitled (119) untitled (118) Todays smart phone can sync your events to friends and set reminders.  The wall calendar has given way to the chalk board or white board but still lack the reminder functions od smart phones.  There is nothing worse than a calendar failure.  That is when you go to the trouble of posting the event but forget to check.  Tim DeCapua will always depend on the old wall calendar. Be careful to not be that calendar fail.


Integrate Your Personal Luigi Wewege Calendar With Your Community Calendar


There are plenty of new applications available to make synchronizing your calendars a simple task, as we all know that it is sometimes difficult to manage multiple calendars or to try to squeeze every event in our busy schedule onto an individual calendar. With these newly developed applications, it is possible to organize your events however you like, even if it means synchronizing events according to the waxing and waning of the moon or so that they are available on your wrist.

Of course, as Luigi Wewege has noted in the past, organization is vital for everyone. While this is true, the organizational methods that work for one person do not necessarily work for another. Individualized organization is always best, and that is the main benefit of the multitudes of calendar applications that are available. Through these applications, it is possible to find the system that works best for you and allows you to organize your schedule in the manner you feel is most ideal.

Since there is so much going on in Madera, this is incredibly valuable. The residents of this area are quite busy but also enjoy a number of varied activities for recreation. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything that is going on, but through these new and diverse calendar applications, the residents of Madera are able to quickly and easily organize their schedule to achieve that ideal balance between family and work responsibilities while also leaving plenty of time for recreation and fun.


Calendar My Life

My life can be seen by observing the calendar on the wall.  Every day there is something that has to be done.  The kid things are overwhelming and require coordination to pull off.  If someone took my calendar I would be lost.  The whole family is tuned into the calendarimagesPYHCC2UQ untitled (346) and can look to see what’s happening every day.  The best part is that the calendar will some day be empty.  As the empty nest approaches there are days that have a blank square.  I wonder if I will miss the full calendar days.  Joe Olujic is a calendar fanatic as well.


Calendar Sync

untitled (269) images (27)I have too many calendars.  I have the one on the wall in the kitchen.  This old school approach still works.  Then I have the calendar in my computer.  This is the most detailed calendar as there is room for all the details.  Then there is my laptop.  It has my work calendar and is cluttered to the max.  The final scheduled calendar is in my smart phone.  My smart phone syncs with Face Book and Linked In so all the data is always up to date.  I need to sync all my calendars into one device and back it up.  Vince Malfitano is a contact that I don’t sync as he is not family.


Calendar Event Priority

untitled (42) untitled (41)Do you mark the important things on your family calendar.  Well a community calendar tries to do the same thing.  They have the difficult task of finding events that will interest a wide array of interests.  National peanut day may not interest you but if you are a farmer that grows peanuts then its important.  If you want an item put on the community calendar it will take some effort.  You cant have everything on the calendar and still have room for important things.  The municipality has to make a judgment call on your event.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football events always show up on the community calendar.


Planned Events Not Necessary for Having a Good Time in Madera

While the community calendar is a wonderful resource for the many planned activities taking place in Madera, there is so much more to do in our community that does not necessarily require a great deal of advance planning. In fact, there are plentiful activities that can be enjoyed at the spur of the moment, and there is certainly something that will appeal to the diverse tastes of all the residents of our community.

Luigi Wewege often makes use of the community calendar in order to stay aware of the events taking place in the area, but he is also quite aware of the fact that Madera offers a whole host of activities that only require a moment’s notice. The San Joaquin Valley is a wonderful place to explore all that nature has to offer through hiking, cycling and running, and many residents enjoy these types of activities on a daily basis.

With the Sierra National Forest so close by, it is possible to marvel in the beauty of nature every single day without having to go very far to do so. Of course, the coastal cities of Santa Cruz and Monterey are also close by, as is the tranquil beauty of Big Sur. But it is not necessary to leave Madera to find something wonderful to do, as the city itself is a treasure to behold.

After a long day spent enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds the city, many residents and visitors alike are happy that there are so many outstanding wineries so close by. It is nice to be able to stroll through the vineyards on a warm spring afternoon, and there are few things as enjoyable as the taste of the red wine that is made right on the premises.

The community calendar is a wonderful resource that we should all make use of on a regular basis, but it is also important to remember that the activities that can be enjoyed in Madera are certainly not limited to those appearing on the calendar. Whether it is a group cycling tour to one of the many local vineyards or a day spent hiking through the Sierras, it is possible to organize an entire day’s worth of activities at any given moment.


Calendar on my Smart Phone

imagesJ9HRS299I don’t know what I would do without the calendar on my smart phone.  It reminds me on birthdays and other important appointments.  Of course you have to put most of the stuff in there yourself.  Some things load automatically.  Holidays are on the already.  It also sinks birthdays with Facebook.  This has really helped as I m terrible with dates and names.  Its not that I don’t care it is that my mind just wont remember.  I never forget a face but the names are another matter.  If I could have had a better recall on names it would have helped me out in business.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football is a good team to watch out for on your calendar.