Inject Life into Your Brands to Guarantee Long-Term Growth through Branding

Brand building is not just for the big players and conglomerates. It is about taking what is in your inventory to people’s households. Strong brands create lasting identities among consumers. This means that more people have your brand in their minds and are ready to buy your stuff. They will instantaneously think about your brand when they consider a specific product or service.

Marketing and advertising include actual ad placement on mainstream media; corporate and brand identity including below-the-line visibility; digital and social media marketing. Building a brand creates customer loyalty, which guarantees return business and enables the company to make growth projections. Branding is an excellent way to grow your business regardless of the size. Big companies are known to leverage their infrastructure, technology, and presence to accelerate the uptake of their brands.

Building a brand is not a complicated process. The first step is pushing it up on your priority list. Most businesses make the common mistake of pushing their branding and marketing budgets to the bottom of the list. This is one of the reasons brand uptakes from small businesses struggles.

Consistency in product quality and service delivery by the brand is key. Make sure your production, packaging, distribution, and marketing sections all carry one harmonized message. When potential customers get the same message over and over, they remember it and associate it with your brand. Create strong brand identities comprising of consistent elements such as color scheme, logo, graphics, and the narratives. In addition, have a strong mission and value statement to help you stay on course and avoid the costly habit of frequent rebranding.

Nancy Behrman, a leading lifestyle brand activist, entrepreneur and founder of Behrman Communications, is vocal about the need to be both clear and definitive in your efforts to grow your brand. She has achieved tremendous success taking ideas that look small and building them into multi-million dollar global names. Branding needs to be factored into the overall marketing plan so that it is executed right from the start. Employ a consistent and sustainable strategy to ensure a cohesive branding campaign.

It is also crucial to identify the markets the brand is targeting early. This enables you to research and reach out to other popular establishments, brands or personalities who have a bigger presence. Traditional business networking can help catapult your brand to success. People love to identify with the famous and successful. Presenting known personalities as brand ambassadors can help accelerate brand loyalty and build trust with consumers.

Leverage the power of technology and online platforms to grow your brand. Create an amazing online presence and take advantage of social media, digital video platforms, and mobile apps to help grow your brand. Aim to create discerning brand ambassadors who can inject life into your brand without waiting for your intervention.

An ingenious social media campaign can rapidly elevate your brand to a global level. However, to avoid shooting yourself in the foot, consider engaging a professional public relations service such as Berman Communications. The service will help you navigate through the various dynamic elements of social media marketing enabling you to maximize on known trends while staying clear of avoidable pitfalls.


John Ross Jesensky