Calendar Fail

We all have our calendars but some are just not good.  On the old smart phones the calendar didn’t do much more than give you a place to post events. untitled (119) untitled (118) Todays smart phone can sync your events to friends and set reminders.  The wall calendar has given way to the chalk board or white board but still lack the reminder functions od smart phones.  There is nothing worse than a calendar failure.  That is when you go to the trouble of posting the event but forget to check.  Tim DeCapua will always depend on the old wall calendar. Be careful to not be that calendar fail.


Integrate Your Personal Luigi Wewege Calendar With Your Community Calendar


There are plenty of new applications available to make synchronizing your calendars a simple task, as we all know that it is sometimes difficult to manage multiple calendars or to try to squeeze every event in our busy schedule onto an individual calendar. With these newly developed applications, it is possible to organize your events however you like, even if it means synchronizing events according to the waxing and waning of the moon or so that they are available on your wrist.

Of course, as Luigi Wewege has noted in the past, organization is vital for everyone. While this is true, the organizational methods that work for one person do not necessarily work for another. Individualized organization is always best, and that is the main benefit of the multitudes of calendar applications that are available. Through these applications, it is possible to find the system that works best for you and allows you to organize your schedule in the manner you feel is most ideal.

Since there is so much going on in Madera, this is incredibly valuable. The residents of this area are quite busy but also enjoy a number of varied activities for recreation. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything that is going on, but through these new and diverse calendar applications, the residents of Madera are able to quickly and easily organize their schedule to achieve that ideal balance between family and work responsibilities while also leaving plenty of time for recreation and fun.


Calendar My Life

My life can be seen by observing the calendar on the wall.  Every day there is something that has to be done.  The kid things are overwhelming and require coordination to pull off.  If someone took my calendar I would be lost.  The whole family is tuned into the calendarimagesPYHCC2UQ untitled (346) and can look to see what’s happening every day.  The best part is that the calendar will some day be empty.  As the empty nest approaches there are days that have a blank square.  I wonder if I will miss the full calendar days.  Joe Olujic is a calendar fanatic as well.


Calendar Sync

untitled (269) images (27)I have too many calendars.  I have the one on the wall in the kitchen.  This old school approach still works.  Then I have the calendar in my computer.  This is the most detailed calendar as there is room for all the details.  Then there is my laptop.  It has my work calendar and is cluttered to the max.  The final scheduled calendar is in my smart phone.  My smart phone syncs with Face Book and Linked In so all the data is always up to date.  I need to sync all my calendars into one device and back it up.  Vince Malfitano is a contact that I don’t sync as he is not family.


Calendar Event Priority

untitled (42) untitled (41)Do you mark the important things on your family calendar.  Well a community calendar tries to do the same thing.  They have the difficult task of finding events that will interest a wide array of interests.  National peanut day may not interest you but if you are a farmer that grows peanuts then its important.  If you want an item put on the community calendar it will take some effort.  You cant have everything on the calendar and still have room for important things.  The municipality has to make a judgment call on your event.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football events always show up on the community calendar.


Planned Events Not Necessary for Having a Good Time in Madera

While the community calendar is a wonderful resource for the many planned activities taking place in Madera, there is so much more to do in our community that does not necessarily require a great deal of advance planning. In fact, there are plentiful activities that can be enjoyed at the spur of the moment, and there is certainly something that will appeal to the diverse tastes of all the residents of our community.

Luigi Wewege often makes use of the community calendar in order to stay aware of the events taking place in the area, but he is also quite aware of the fact that Madera offers a whole host of activities that only require a moment’s notice. The San Joaquin Valley is a wonderful place to explore all that nature has to offer through hiking, cycling and running, and many residents enjoy these types of activities on a daily basis.

With the Sierra National Forest so close by, it is possible to marvel in the beauty of nature every single day without having to go very far to do so. Of course, the coastal cities of Santa Cruz and Monterey are also close by, as is the tranquil beauty of Big Sur. But it is not necessary to leave Madera to find something wonderful to do, as the city itself is a treasure to behold.

After a long day spent enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds the city, many residents and visitors alike are happy that there are so many outstanding wineries so close by. It is nice to be able to stroll through the vineyards on a warm spring afternoon, and there are few things as enjoyable as the taste of the red wine that is made right on the premises.

The community calendar is a wonderful resource that we should all make use of on a regular basis, but it is also important to remember that the activities that can be enjoyed in Madera are certainly not limited to those appearing on the calendar. Whether it is a group cycling tour to one of the many local vineyards or a day spent hiking through the Sierras, it is possible to organize an entire day’s worth of activities at any given moment.


Events in my Life

images0LZU33KHThe most important events in my life were not on my calendar.  The birth of my children came at totally unplanned times and the plans I did make were a total miss.  Calendars are nice but I think we plan our lives too much.  We should take it as it comes and stop trying to control life.  Life is meant to be a surprise and if we plan it to death then what?  I have been the controller of my life for as long as I can remember and now that I am retired I find that taking life as it comes works much better.  I see every day as something new and try to be open to the simple pleasures this world provides.  Luke Weil is a planner too.


Calendar on my Smart Phone

imagesJ9HRS299I don’t know what I would do without the calendar on my smart phone.  It reminds me on birthdays and other important appointments.  Of course you have to put most of the stuff in there yourself.  Some things load automatically.  Holidays are on the already.  It also sinks birthdays with Facebook.  This has really helped as I m terrible with dates and names.  Its not that I don’t care it is that my mind just wont remember.  I never forget a face but the names are another matter.  If I could have had a better recall on names it would have helped me out in business.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football is a good team to watch out for on your calendar.


Memorial Day Weekend Offers Plenty of Community Activities in Madera

The county of Madera always has plenty of activities going on for its very active residents, and this Memorial Day weekend is certainly not going to be any different. The weather is typically outstanding during this time of year in Madera County, and there is sure to be many block parties and barbecues for local families to attend.

In addition to the gatherings hosted by the locals of Madera County, there are many other events going on for both visitors and locals to enjoy. One of the most exciting events for locals, however, will fall just outside of Memorial Day weekend this year, as the 2015 ArtsFest will take place on the weekend following the holiday.

While there is much to do for residents of the area who stay in Madera over the holiday weekend, there are also many families who take advantage of the long weekend by traveling to an exotic location for a brief respite from their busy lives at work and at school. Many families have left glowing Occidental Vacation Club reviews after returning from all-inclusive trips that include beautiful locales such as Aruba.

Of course, a vacation is not the only way for Madera County residents to unwind throughout the long weekend, as there are several impromptu softball games that typically take place on the local fields this time of year. The many weekend warriors who participate are grateful for the activity but have also made it clear in the past that they appreciate the extra day of recovery the holiday provides.

Whether staying in Madera or traveling elsewhere, it appears certain that there will be a great deal of enjoyable activities taking place throughout the long holiday weekend.


Calendar Events are Not Set in Stone

untitled (11)Calendar events are not set in stone.  The events are subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen issues.  If you have been disappointed by missed events because they changed the dates you are not alone.  In todays busy environment we all must plan our time to coincide with events.  When an event changes date our planning goes out the window.  It is best to plan for these changes as you can and not let it get you down.  The best plan is often no plan at all.  Although these community calendars are a good thing to look at for events the timing should be taken with a grain of salt.  Ken Fisher can attest to the calendar changes.