Summer in Madera Represents Ideal Time for Art Exploration and Community Events

BoldLeads Summer MaderaThere’s something about those long summer days that makes any art event seem even more enjoyable, and perhaps this is at least part of the reason why the Madera community calendar includes so many art-related events throughout the upcoming summer months. It’s not just the Madera community calendar that features these kinds of events throughout the summer, as many of the areas close to Madera have a number of art events scheduled. There is even an outdoor sculpture walk scheduled to take place at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael.

As a number of real estate agents using BoldLeads have noticed, the spring and summer months tend to include a general increase in interest in properties from the clients that have been recently added to their pipeline of leads. While agents find that BoldLeads provides a consistent source of leads throughout each and every season, it’s often the case that a noticeable uptick occurs when the weather warms and the days lengthen each year.

It’s not just the real estate market or the events appearing on the community calendar that experience an increase in activity, as economists have long pressed the federal government to develop better statistical tools to account for the patterns that have been observed regarding the seasonal changes influencing consumer behavior. Obviously, those responsible for developing the Madera community calendar have done an excellent job accounting for this spike in activity by packing the calendar with plenty of enjoyable events ideal for summertime.


Jared Londry In The Commercial Real Estate Market

jared_londry_businessWhat does it take to succeed at purchasing commercial real estate? According to Jared Londry it does not take much. When searching for local commercial real estate be sure to get informed an familiar with the local market, specifically average buying and selling prices. Studying up on the subject should be priority one, since buying commercial real estate is no trivial task.

Jared Londry’s best friend is his realtor, for the obvious reasons of course. Buying a property in need of much maintenance and repair can spell doom for a new buyer just getting familiar with commercial real estate. So, Jared Londry’sLondry’s best advice is definitely,  swallow your pride and seek counsel.  This makes purchasing commercial real estate a fun and exciting experience, apart from all the paperwork of course.